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Acalvio Technologies to Present on Emerging DNS-based Attacks at Black Hat USA 2016

July 28, 2016

Acalvio Autonomous Deception

Dr. Erik Wu Will Provide Insight Into How Businesses and Consumers Can Better Prepare Themselves for Emerging DNS-based Attacks

Santa Clara, Calif., July 28, 2016 — Acalvio™ Technologies, an innovator in Advanced Threat Defense, today announced that the company will be participating at Black Hat USA 2016, which will be held July 30August 4, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Acalvio will be hosting a booth (#1165) where subject-matter experts will be discussing Deception 2.0, and how the company’s patented technology, including Fluid Deception™ and Adversary Behavior Analytics, help organizations combat advanced attackers.

“We’re excited to share some of our research and innovations at Acalvio with the BlackHat community as we come out of stealth mode,” said Nat Natraj, President and co-founder, Acalvio. “We have a host of world class talent and a history of solving complex, intractable problems. And giving back is part of our culture.”

Domain Name System (DNS) is an essential substrate of the internet, responsible for translating user-friendly internet names into machine-friendly IP addresses. Without DNS, it would be mission-impossible for anyone to find their way around the internet. However, adversaries leverage the dark side of DNS to carry out a variety of internet-scale malicious activities, ranging from information theft to online fraud. The power of the dark side is both penetrating and pernicious. With a continued lack of awareness, the dark side remains a lethal threat for the internet, enterprises and everyone.

Dr. Erik Wu, Vice President of Research at Acalvio, will be speaking at Black Hat USA 2016 and in his session, “Dark Side of the DNS Force“, which takes place on Thursday, August 4 at 9:00 a.m. (PT), Dr. Wu will focus his presentation on the topic of today’s emerging DNS-based attacks. This discussion will include insight into the latest surges of daily Internet domain name counts which jumped to more than 2 billion with spikes up to 5 billion from an average of just 300 million a year ago. Such massive surges have caused serious consequences to the internet’s availability and stability. Dr. Wu will also provide an in-depth analysis on some novel tricks and possible root causes, such as multiple levels of randomness, smart use of timestamps, local- vs. global-escalation and more.

Black Hat attendees are invited to stop by the Acalvio booth (#1165) to learn more about how the company can detect and contain attackers through a unique combination of deception and data science. Acalvio leverages its patented technologies to detect, engage and respond to malicious activity for IT and Internet of Things (IoT) environments. The result is fewer false positives, improved threat intelligence and actionable Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). Follow the company on Twitter at @AcalvioTech and on LinkedIn. Join the conversation at the event on Twitter with the hashtag #blackhat.

About Acalvio Technologies

Acalvio provides Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) solutions to detect, engage and respond to malicious activity inside the perimeter.  The solutions are anchored on patented innovations in Deception and Data Science. This enables a DevOps approach to ATD, enabling ease of deployment, monitoring and management.  Acalvio enriches its threat intelligence by data obtained from internal and partner eco-systems, enabling customers to benefit from defense in depth, reduce false positives, and derive actionable intelligence for remediation. The Silicon Valley based company is led by an experienced team with a track record of innovation and market leadership and backed by marquee investors.

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