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Gerhard Eschelbeck

CISO, Kodiak Robotics

Gerhard Eschelbeck, former Google Vice President Security & Privacy Engineering (CISO) is a well-regarded information technology executive with strong operational and strategic experience. He has launched innovative and successful companies and has built high-performance multi-national teams in the U.S. , Europe and Asia. Gerhard has a passion for championing new technologies and is a trusted advisor and board member to several early stage startup companies. He published the “Laws of Vulnerabilities” and is one of the inventors of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), and holds numerous patents in the field of managed network security.

Gerhard Eschelbeck is currently the Chief Information Security Officer at Kodiak Robotics. He was CISO at Aurora and Google prior to joining Kodiak. Earlier, Gerhard was CTO and Senior Vice President at Sophos and Qualys, and served in senior product and technology roles at companies including Network Associates and McAfee. Gerhard has a Ph.D in computer science from University Linz, Austria.