Based on our patented Deception 2.0 technology, ShadowPlex provides:

  • A rich palette of deceptions (low, medium, high interaction decoys, lures, baits, honeytokens) for timely, high fidelity and cost-effective detection



  • A dynamic – AI-driven approach to deploying deception, continuous proactive design and deployment of the number, nature and placement of deceptions. A fluid approach to deploying deceptions, one where the depth of deception is dynamically modified based on nature of attackDistributed_Deception_Architecture_From_PPT_01-768x350.png
  • A flexible deployment model – A DevOps approach to deployment, one where Deceptions can be deployed from on-premises and public cloud platformsCloud_Ready_Architecture_From_PPT_01-768x307.png
  • An MSSP (Managed Services Security Provider) architecture where a service provider can deliver Deception As a Service in a flexible and resilient manner
  • A comprehensive threat intelligence by integrating telemetry garnered by ShadowPlex with intelligence from the rest of the security stack (SIEM, Firewall, EDR, etc.)rich-activity-768x400.png