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7 Critical Considerations for Effective Breach Detection

Cover page of critical considerations for effective breach detection whitepaperBreach detection is a mandatory activity for any sized organization. Despite all the money spent on preventive security, security teams must assume that adversaries will penetrate these defenses and attempt to establish a long lasting foothold within the environment. Unfortunately breach detection is not simple, even for large, well-funded security teams.

So how should an organization craft a breech detection function that is both effective and efficient?

This whitepaper describes seven priorities for any breach detection strategy:

  1. Situational Awareness: Visibility & Baselining
  2. Think Like an Attacker
  3. Use a Risk-Centric Approach to Prioritize Investment
  4. Blend Deception Assets With the Environment
  5. Leverage Deception for Visibility, Attack Forensics & Obfuscation
  6. Leverage Deception to Focus Breach Detection on Blind Spots and High Risk
  7. Deploy a Rich Mix of Deception Assets

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