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Decoys, Lures and Breadcrumbs:
Deception Technology Turns the Tables on Attackers

About this Webinar

The use of deception technology designed to throw off stealthy attackers from real assets and gather intelligence about how they operate is gaining ground in the enterprise.

Enterprise Management Associates in 2019 conducted a research project to gauge interest in this evolving new defense and uncover deception technology usage trends and advantages it delivers that are unique in the market. Join Paula Musich, a research director in the IT Security and Risk Management practice at EMA, for a webinar that will explore the results of this study.


The webinar will highlight:

  • Advantages such as more accurate detection of attackers, a dramatic decrease in dwell time for users, and greater understanding of attackers’ methods
  • Use cases
  • Expectations of those looking to adopt deception technology

Live online Mar 10, or after on demand | 105 mins
Presented by:
Paula Musich - Research Director, Security and Risk Management, Enterprise Management Associates

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