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Decoding the Matrix: Deception-Borne Threat Intelligence

Deception-based solutions can provide a wealth of information about how adversaries behave as they attempt to complete their mission. Depending on the level of engagement organizations desire to setup in their deception solution, information gleaned can include basic network connection information or every keystroke, command and action taken when a system is accessed. Understanding where in the attack life-cycle your deception information is coming from is critical to knowing how to utilize that information to strengthen your SOC / IR Operational Workflows. This webinar will discuss the types of information that can be gathered by Deception Solutions based on different levels of engagement and how that information can be used in the most effective manner with your Threat Intelligence and Security Analytics platforms.

About the Speaker:

John Bradshaw, Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering at Acalvio Technologies, has more than 25 years of experience in the Cyber Security industry focusing on advanced, targeted threats. He held senior leadership roles at Mandiant, ArcSight, Internet Security Systems, Lastline, and UUNET.

When: Wednesday, July 18, 1pm PT

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