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Acalvio’s ShadowPlex Product Named a Leader in Deception Technologies by KuppingerCole; Achieves Highest Security Rating

November 11, 2021

ShadowPlex is recognized for its innovation and cloud-based, secure architecture

Santa Clara, CA, November 11, 2021 – Acalvio Technologies, today announced that ShadowPlex, the award-winning autonomous deception product, was named a leader in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass report for Distributed Deception Platforms. Additionally, ShadowPlex received the highest Security rating among all five deception products evaluated in the report.
KuppingerCole Leadership Compass report rates the deception companies on product leadership, innovation leadership, market leadership and overall leadership. Acalvio’s ShadowPlex is named a “Leader” in each of the four categories. Acalvio ShadowPlex provides early detection of advanced threats with precision and speed. Built on 26+ issued patents, it delivers distributed deception at enterprise scale, across on-premises and cloud workloads, for both IT and OT environments.
Deception technology has been widely recognized by industry analysts and government think tanks as the leading technology to provide Active Defense, which not only counters current attacks but also engages and learns about the adversary TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures). Deception is designed to attract attackers, with access credentials cached on enterprise hosts. Attackers may also bring zero-day exploits to compromise decoys and gain privileged access. The decoys now become a security risk – once an attacker compromises a decoy, the attacker may use the decoy as a base to launch pivot-back attacks into the enterprise network. Further, if the deception solution requires that decoys have multiple network interfaces, attackers can bridge over to other subnets, magnifying the problem.
ShadowPlex patented Deception Farms architecture provides a novel and secure approach to attacker containment, using SDN (Software Defined Network)-based policy enforcement. The unbreakable containment provided in ShadowPlex resides outside the decoy in the SDN switch and hence cannot be overridden by an attacker. In addition, ShadowPlex is agentless. The patented innovations make ShadowPlex the most secure and scalable distributed deception product.
“One of the core tenets of any security system is to not add additional vulnerabilities. This is especially relevant to Cyber Deception solutions, which provide decoys to engage with attackers. Acalvio has built in protections to contain hackers within the decoys,” said Bruce Schneier, internationally renowned security technologist and Acalvio advisor. “In fact, this should be a litmus test for this type of product. Customers should reject simpler solutions that inadvertently increase the attack surface to adversaries”.
ShadowPlex is the first and only deception product to achieve the FedRAMP Ready rating and be listed in the Federal Marketplace, and pass the rigorous security controls designed to protect customer data.
“Security is an indispensable requirement for Active Defense” said Ram Varadarajan, co-founder & CEO for Acalvio Technologies. “ShadowPlex was designed to be the most secure deception solution. The recognition by KuppingerCole assures customers to deploy Acalvio enterprise wide without the need for additional safeguards. It also enables our MDR. MSSP and ISV partners to integrate ShadowPlex into their solution stacks with confidence”

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About Acalvio Technologies

Acalvio invented breakthrough Deception Technology, based on 25+ issued patents, and integrated it with advanced AI to provide industry leading autonomous deception solution that is effective, easy to use and enterprise scale. Acalvio ShadowPlex reduces attacker dwell time by early detection of advanced threats, and increases SOC efficiency by sophisticated investigation and active threat-hunting capabilities. Extensive partner integrations allow ShadowPlex to leverage customer’s security ecosystem for rapid and comprehensive threat containment. The Silicon Valley based company is led by an experienced team with a track record of innovation and market leadership and backed by marquee investors.

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