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CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures)

What is CVE?

CVE stands for “Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures.” It is a list of publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities that is free to search, use, and incorporate into products and services. CVE helps vendors and researchers identify, define, and catalog vulnerabilities in a standardized way.

Each CVE entry is assigned a unique identifier, known as a CVE ID, which consists of the year the vulnerability was assigned, followed by a sequential number (e.g., CVE-2023-12345). This identifier helps in referencing and discussing specific vulnerabilities across different platforms and sources.

Difference Between Vulnerability and Exposure

A vulnerability is a weakness or flaw in a system, software application, or hardware component that can be exploited by attackers to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the system or its data.

Exposure refers to the condition in which a system or software application is at risk due to the presence of a known vulnerability. An exposed system is susceptible to attacks that could take advantage of the identified vulnerability to compromise its security. Exposure implies that the vulnerability is present and can be exploited by attackers.

What information does a CVE contain?

CVE entries typically include details about the vulnerability, such as its severity, affected products and versions, technical descriptions, potential impact, and steps for mitigation or remediation. These entries serve as a valuable resource for security professionals to stay informed about the latest vulnerabilities and take appropriate actions to secure their systems and networks.

What is a Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)?

Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) is a standardized framework for assessing and communicating the severity of vulnerabilities in software and systems. CVSS provides a structured way to evaluate the potential impact and exploitability of a vulnerability, allowing organizations to prioritize their efforts in addressing security issues.

The CVSS framework assigns a numerical score to each vulnerability based on a set of metrics that assess various aspects of the vulnerability’s impact and exploitability.