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DECEPTION TECHNOLOGY – Emerging Cyber Security Technology for Utilities

Electric utilities face an ever-changing series of threats based on vulnerability exploits, persistent attacks, and inadvertent and malicious compromises of identity and authorizations. While advanced grid initiatives offer many benefits to utilities and their customers, they also expand attack surfaces as new utility components are communications enabled and connected to private and/or public networks.

Key Points Covered in the Whitepaper

  1. The Basics of Deception Technology
  2. Deception Technology Solutions Scan and Analysis
  3. Utility Deployments of Deception Technology: Dreams and Realities
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Deception Technology
  5. Observations and Recommendations for Deception Technology Vendors
  6. EPRI and Deception Technology Research
  7. Conclusions and Potential Outcomes for the Future of Deception Technology

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