DevOps for Deception™

Use DevOps principles to integrate deception into your network security infrastructure.

Fluid Deception™

Find and engage hackers with the right blend of deceptions, at scale.

Adversary Behavior Analytics™

Identify attacker pathways through your network and address root causes.

Deception Farms™

Materialize Deceptions into networks from afar / cloud.

Deception 2.0

Traditional network and endpoint prevention technologies offer too little, too late. Big data security analytics solutions require too many resources and generate too many false positives.

Deception 2.0 helps you quickly and accurately detect true positive security events inside your network. Engage and delay attackers from valuable production assets. Use path analysis to profile them and prioritize hunting and proactive remediation efforts.


Identify attacker trajectories, latent vulnerabilities in the network, and generate IOCs


Advanced, multistage attackers with precision and speed


Adversaries in a shadow network to learn behavior and delay impact to assets

Acalvio Benefits

Until now, tools for detecting and responding ot advanced attacks have been expensive, hard to deploy and manage, and have generated too many false positives. The benefits of Deception 2.0 are:



Automated and adaptive

Cost effective


A Unique Culture Of Solving Problems

Acalvio’s team of engineers and researchers have a long history of coming up with innovative and practical solutions to solving complex technology problems; achieving market leadership, ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering shareholder value.