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Why Acalvio

ShadowPlex Autonomous Deception

The most comprehensive ”Cloud First” Distributed Deception Platform for organizations looking to deploy Deceptions “at Enterprise Scale”.


(APIs & Micro-services) Enterprise-Scale, IoT-Scale Architecture

Pervasive Deception

Cloud to On-Premises

Easy deployment from your favorite cloud provider

On-Premises to On-Premises

On-premises hosting of our cloud-scalable deception platform

Cloud to Cloud

Protect cloud workloads with deceptions delivered from the cloud

Acalvio ShadowPlex Architecture

Deception Quality and Density

Traditional deception offerings are plagued with a conundrum – do you deploy lots of inexpensive low interaction decoys that provide breadth and coverage but no depth; OR a few high interaction decoys that provide depth and detail but are expensive. Through our Fluid Deception technology, ShadowPlex delivers the best of both worlds. The result is cost-effective deceptions at scale.

Future Proof Technology

First generation Deception solutions are saddled with legacy
architectures. In contrast, ShadowPlex is based on modern technology foundations:

  • API-driven Micro-services
  • Kubernetes and Cloud-native with full support for on-premises
  • AI-powered to reduce manual overhead

Comprehensive Deception Palette

ShadowPlex supports the most comprehensive palette of deceptions: lures, breadcrumbs, honeytokens and decoys. This pervasive approach allows organizations to launch an effective and efficient campaign to combat advanced attackers. Our patented innovations allow ShadowPlex to project the behavior of assets that are not otherwise easily virtualized or emulated [examples include IoT devices, CAT Scanner, Dialysis Pumps, Routers, Switches, ICS controllers, etc.]


ShadowPlex leverages AI at every step resulting in significant reduction in the effort to deploy deceptions and increase detection efficacy. They include:

  • AI to determine deception strategy
  • AI to generate content for high interaction decoys
  • AI to Engage with an Adversary
  • AI to Automate Alert Triage

Seminal Patented Innovations

Network Infrastructure Obfuscation

US Patent 9,021,092;
9,350,751; 9,729,567

Network Stimulation Engine

US Patent 8,335,678; 8,413,216;
8,978,102; 9,680,867

Dynamic Hiding of Deception Mechanism

US Patent 9,756,075

Context Aware Knowledge System and Methods
for Deploying Deception Mechanisms

US Patent 9,853,999

Suspicious Processes In A
Compromised Computer Network

US Patent 9,576,145; 9,773,109

Systems and Methods For Identifying Similar Hosts

US Patent 9,836,512

Threat Engagement and Deception Solution

Tunneling for Network Deceptions

Deception to Detect Network Scans

Systems and Methods for Detecting and Tracking Adversary Trajectory

Cyber Vaccines and Antibodies