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Gartner has advised organizations that perfect prevention is near impossible and that CISOs should shift their spending from Prevention to Detection. In order to ensure Timely and Accurate detection, Gartner has opined that Deception is one of Top 10 focus categories for CISOs.

The discussion will cover Dynamic Deception techniques for precise and timely detection of advanced attackers. It will cover best practices for crafting deception strategies, managing deception campaigns, engaging with adversaries for further analysis and enacting prevention strategies. The presentation will also cover practical aspects of implementing Deception Solutions at scale across large scale distributed enterprises, MSSP (Managed Security Service Providers), etc.

Monday, May 14
9am PT / 7pm Riyadh

Rick Moy, Head of Marketing, Acalvio [previously co-founder, CEO of NSS Labs]
John Bradshaw, Head of Solutions Engineering, Acalvio [previously with ArcSight, LastLine, Mandiant]