ShadowPlex Autonomous Deception Platform

Acalvio Technology Advantage

Acalvio ShadowPlex platform is built on a wide range of innovations such as: using deception to detect malicious network activities, network intrusion diversion, tunneling for deception traffic, network infrastructure obfuscation, methods for detecting and tracking adversary trajectory, threat engagement, and deception engagement, context-aware knowledge systems for deception deployment, among many others.

Acalvio is the only vendor in the deception space to have received 25+ issued patents for seminal inventions in the last five years.

The continuous innovation enables ShadowPlex to provide a unique feature set for Security & Identity Posture Visibility & Management (ShadowPlex SIPM), Threat Detection, Secure Engage and Response (ShadowPlex Detect & Respond), Threat Investigation and Active Threat Hunting (ShadowPlex Intelligent SOC) capabilities. The differentiated and robust features help enterprises in adopting an active cyber defense strategy across a diverse environment covering IT, IoT, and OT.

The most comprehensive ”Cloud First” Distributed Deception Platform for organizations
looking to deploy Deceptions “at Enterprise Scale”.

Acalvio ShadowPlex Architecture

ShadowPlex platform has two main components: The Acalvio Deception Center (ADC) and the Projection Sensors. The ADC can be deployed on-premises or in the Cloud. It is the centralized server that hosts, projects and manages the Deceptions. Sensors are light-weight components that are installed in the Enterprise Network, both on-premises and in Cloud workloads, and enable decoy projection from the ADC.

Deception Quality and Density

Traditional deception offerings are plagued with a conundrum – do you deploy lots of inexpensive low interaction decoys that provide breadth and coverage but no depth; OR a few high interaction decoys that provide depth and detail but are expensive. Through our Fluid Deception technology, ShadowPlex delivers the best of both worlds. The result is cost-effective deceptions at scale.

Autonomous Deception

ShadowPlex leverages AI at every step resulting in significant reduction in the effort to deploy deceptions and increase detection efficacy. They include:

  • Determine deception strategy customized to every subnet
  • Configure non-fingerprintable blended deception
  • Generate personalized endpoint deception, unique and relevant
  • Keep deception dynamic to match network changes
  • Automate Alert Triage

Seminal Patented Innovations

Next Steps

Explore our patented technologies to enable Active Defense and Identity Security in your enterprise.