Beyond the Hype: AI in Information Security

In the next few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform and expand as a decision engine across every enterprise business layer from product development to operations to finance to sales. While, internet biggies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Saleforce...

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Lateral Movement of Emotet

Acalvio Threat Research Labs. Introduction Emotet is one of many information stealer malware families which have been active in the recent months. The initial delivery vector of the malware is via phishing campaign. The blog by TrendMicro[1] and Microsoft[2] discusses...

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Three Minutes Until the Apocalypse

This blog covers three main topics: Three Key Questions Needing Answers Within Three Minutes When You Suspect a Breach Using Deception and Endpoint Logs to Backtrack Command and Control Improving SOC Triage Workflow with Prevention Failure Detection An adversary has...

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