Tunneling for Network Deceptions

Patent Awarded to Acalvio Acalvio was awarded U.S. Patent No. 20,170,310,706, titled “Tunneling For Network Deceptions”. This patent forms the basis of the Deception Farms® architecture. This blog goes a little deep into the patent to talk about what the patented...

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Know Your Adversary, Before They ATT&CK

The Cyber Kill Chain If you’re reading this blog, you likely know the basics of the cyber kill chain. You might even be able to name a few of the seven stages in the kill chain, which lays out the steps adversaries take to attack and exploit their victims. Where you...

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The Deceptively Simple Shortcut to Visibility

If you’ve ever had a security vendor pitch their wiz-bang internal network threat prevention solution, you’ve probably thought at some point “You’re getting ahead of yourself. First we need to know what’s going on, then we can talk about active controls on the...

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