Market Spotlight for Cyber Deception Systems

The Market Spotlight for Cyber Deception Systems (CDS) covers the market positions of eighteen (18) suppliers delivering products and services for CDS.

This view of market suppliers delivering CDS products and services uses observable measures for market impact (such as revenue) and Cyber diversity (such as market offers, technology partners, and coverage of cyber activities and digital eco-systems).

Key takeaways:

  • Acalvio is One of only 6 companies in ‘Market Leader’ quadrant, and among the top 3 vendors for Market traction and delivering Cyber capabilities
  • Market leaders are sought by most mainstream buyers. Focused obsessively on operational “ability” characteristics, these buyers dominate technology orders and markets.
  • The Report includes the Relative Vendor Value and Value Spotlight charts, Market Size and Forecast and Segment Futures for CDS.

Download your copy of the report: