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Active Threat Hunting with Autonomous Deception

A New Capability on Crowdstrike Falcon Platform

Advanced Threat Defense:

Acalvio ShadowPlex is a comprehensive, Autonomous Deception platform that provides early detection of advanced threats with precision and speed. ShadowPlex is built on Acalvio’s patented Deception 2.0 technology that delivers efficacy and authenticity at enterprise scale, using a DevOps approach and with little IT impact.

ShadowPlex provides industry leading ability both to enhance CrowdStrike platform with “active” deception and to bring additional value to the data in the Threat Graph.


  • Leading edge Deception Solution based on 25 Issued Patents
  • Effectiveness – high-fidelity detection
  • Enterprise-Scale – ability to scale to unlimited number of decoys
  • Easy deployment and management – complete automation using integrated AI in every step
  • Advanced TTP Analysis
  • Full life cycle: Detect ▷ Engage ▷ Respond
  • Flexible deployment On cloud and on-premise

“ShadowPlex represents a very significant architectural advancement in the deception marketplace. Variable interaction deceptions, combined with its cloud deployment options, makes for greater efficacy and cost effectiveness, and makes ShadowPlex a best-in-class distributed deception platform.”

– Golan Ben Oni, CIO, IDT Telecom

Complete Deception Palette

Active Threat Hunting Based on Deception

CrowdStrike provides deep insight into enterprise hosts, using next-generation antivirus and EDR solutions. Acalvio ShadowPlex generates a new stream of low volume, high-fidelity signals based on dynamic deception. Together we bring a new capability – Deception-based Active Threat Hunting – for finding hidden threats.


  • Adversary Traversal Analysis: Identify the hosts compromised along the attacker’s path to the decoy
  • Attacker View: Build adversary Indicators of Attack (IOA) based on deception incidents and Threat Graph.
  • Similarity Analysis: Proactive identification of machines susceptible to observed exploits
  • Ransomware Protection: Deception-based precise detection and rapid engagement of Ransomware
  • Alert Triage: Active threat hunting to expose latent threats 25 Issued Patents

Similarity Analysis

Adversary Trajectory Analysis

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